"Here I Stand; Pride & Determination Keeps Me Going"


I am laying down thinking about all the things I have to do. I sometimes wish there were more hours in a day. Oh, how I could accomplish so much more!!! So, as I lay here thinking about tomorrow and the tasks I must complete, but tonight is different, I decided to take a Deep Breath and Take Time Off Tomorrow. YES,  Take Time Out for ME and do things that I enjoy. I will have no time schedule, and will be spontaneous. I do not know what I will do, but whatever I decide I will be happy and free spirited and full of life.  I do like being with my friends and going to my spot “The Coffee House”, but this time its All About Me and Time Alone! Some may think that makes a person A Lonely Person, but I must correct you on that, This does not make you Lonely, It Simply Allows you To Find yourself again, enjoy life, and be free Even if it’s just for a day!  Yes, for a change “It’s all about me”. This is not being conceited nor even self centered; this is An Unselfish Act and a Much Deserving Reward.  You will find when you are usually on the go from the time you awake until the time you get home, going full throttle throughout the day, meeting deadlines, rushing in lines , completing the most difficult tasks, stuck in traffic, and only able to complete 50% of what is on your daily list and then add helping  others.  Sometimes, when I do help others during my chaotic day I tend to forget about me. This is when we lose ourselves and forget we are the ones who should be a Priority, yet we find ourselves frustrated, angry and ready to blame others for what we have not accomplished. Therefore, Realize  It is not a selfish Act to Put Yourself First and Take Time Out For You!!! You Have One Life, Live It, and Love It and Most Of All Appreciate It.

As Always, Jazz:)


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