"Here I Stand; Pride & Determination Keeps Me Going"

My past caught up…

I knew this would eventually happen.  My parents said “Wait until you have kids”, “Keep it up, you will have kids just like you”, but of course we never believed it. We thought their advice was “blah, blah, blah” and we were always right.  We knew everything and couldn’t wait to grow up and be out on our own.

Then it happened.

OMG, what did I do???!!!

We now have children. My dear, it surely is a major wake up call.  How could this happen to us? Why did our parents wish that upon us!” OMG, they are just like me when I was younger. They have my ways, but what tops this all off is that I sound like my parents.  I tell my children “Wait until you have kids…..” “I remember when I was younger I walked up hill both ways in the snow to go to school”, “Why in the world did you do that, and don’t give me the answer ‘I don’t know’.

Wow, my past surely caught up to me!!!!!!

As always,



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